our water, our grounds, our air, our surrounds


water, air, sun & soil

We are going back to basics when it comes to wellness. Water, air, sun and healthy soil provide us with life sustaining nourishment and underpin our philosophy in delivering experiences that contribute to the wellbeing of our guests.

From sunlight's ability to boost and support vitamin D levels, the impact of clean air on our physical and mental wellbeing to the water we use as a way of recovery and consume for improved health, we are committed to providing education on natures natural remedies.

Across Peninsula Hot Springs, feel the benefits of sunlight in our newest wellness space, the Food Bowl, take a deep breath of clean air as measured our by our Air Quality Metre at Hilltop and hydrate with fresh water from one of our Beautiful Water stations scattered amongst our geothermal springs.

As we continue to embrace conscious wellness, get to know our water, our grounds, our air and our surrounds as you meander across our site encompassed by the very best of nature.

our water

We are passionate about our water. From the mineral rich geothermal water which fill ours pools, to the clean, filtered drinking waters available throughout the hot springs, our water detoxifies the body and rejuvenates the spirit.

our air

Clean air is important to all of us: it affects our breathing, our sleep, our performance and even our skin. We have installed Air Quality meters where we can access air quality data in real time, measure key pollution and dust levels.

our grounds

Nourishment at a cellular level starts with the food we eat and how well we digest the nutrients from our food. Our Food Bowl is a three acre kitchen garden, housing organic produce which we use in our daily food offerings.

our surrounds

A healthy, balanced ecosystem is not only the backdrop but a bedrock to our bathing and wellness experiences. Our Land & Environment team nurture our surrounds through the inclusion of indigenous plant species that provide habitat for native animals.

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